What happens when someone is arrested for their first DUI?

As a DUI Attorney Orange County, we know that almost all the cases go to court, but most cases plead out especially for first time offenders because the prosecutors would offer a goo deal, before the case officially goes to trial. Although trials can be fun for lawyers, it’s often a risky proposition and in most cases it’s better to negotiate a favourable DUI. In most DUI cases less than 5% would go to jail and less than 1% end up being acquittals. Other criminal cases are easier to win; because it’s usually he said she said, while DUI cases are many times black and white with breathalysers evidence, field sobriety testing and even blood testing in some cases.

A server is someone who is allowed to serve drinks in any kind of establishment. No, not everyone can serve drinks, not even a manager or the owner, if they do not have the appropriate permits for it. There are two kinds of permits that a server needs to secure before he is allowed to serve: 1. The Mixologist’s Permit. This permit is needed to work behind the bar and mix drinks, or pour tap beer or wine, or else, manage an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages within its premises for consumption. One has to be at least 21 years old to get this permit; 2. The Server’s Permit. This permit allows one to take orders for alcoholic beverages, and then deliver them on the site for consumption. However, a server cannot mix or pour beer or wine from a tap or manage an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. They are, however, allowed to pour wine or beer into a customer’s glass at the customer’s table. Now, as to the question of how many alcoholic beverages is a server allowed to serve, it depends. To a minor, they are NEVER under any circumstances, allowed to serve alcoholic drinks. If the bar or restaurant they are working in have an age restriction rule that limits minors to enter into the premises, then this is easier; but if not, then they need to be extra vigilant. Servers are also never allowed to serve alcohol to a Visible Intoxicated Person (VIP) under any circumstances, or face the risk of legal punishments or sanctions. The server may face fines of up to $500 and the cancellation of their permit if they continue to serve drinking alcohol to a VIP. The business establishment faces fines of up to $4950, and the possibility of losing their liquor license. It is also note-worthy to note that all estalishments must serve food the entire time that they serve alcoholic drinks.